Patios & Pergolas

Choices, choices….  With our patios, there are three principal choices, these being fly-over, off fascia and gable.  You can also combine any of these together to suit your needs.

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Fly-overs are by far our most popular patio. Why? The starting point of your patio is the height at your house and as they generally fall away from your house, the height of where they begin dictates the height at the outside. A typical fascia height is 2.2 metres and if you go out 4 metres from your house you will end up with a height under your beam of circa 1.9m at the outside. This is very low and will feel closed in leaving the only option of going up as a fly-over. In addition to the feeling of height, fly-overs have great air ventilation.

Off the fascia?

If you are looking for a simple and economical option and have plenty of height, off the fascia is the best option. It is also possible to attach our patios to your house wall. Off the fascia patios are also more weather proof than fly-overs.


Gable patios are a timeless classic and combine the feeling of height and weatherproofing. Gable patios are a popular option for creating a room enclosure and allow light into the patio area via the 2 gable ends.