Fly-over Patios and Carports

What is a fly-over?

A fly-over is either a carport or patio that is constructed so that it “flys over” your existing roof, be it your house itself, an existing patio or even a garage or shed.

Belcher, Wurtulla Outback Fly-over 2014

Why use a fly-over?

Fly-overs constitute more than two thirds of our sales.  For a patio, this is because:

1. Height.  If your existing structure is low and because this is the starting point, the end of the patio will be lower again;
2. Fly overs promote air flow and a feeling of height and openness in your patio; and
3. More natural light is let in than a patio off your house fascia.

For a carport, fly-overs are typically used to gain additional height for a tall 4WD, caravan or boat.  You may not need this height now, but you may in the future.  Caravans with an air conditioning unit on top are one of the main reasons why we build fly-over carports for our customers across the Sunshine Coast.

Dalton 5 - Resized

How close can it be to my house roof?

Typically fly-overs average circa 400mm above your house roof.  The closest that they could be is 200mm and we have built them up to a metre above.  Your existing house design, particularly if you are building in an internal corner, sometimes dictates the height that they have to be from your house roof.  The beauty of a fly-over is the ability to have a choice of height.

How is it attached to my existing roof?

Our rafter brackets are bolted to your roof trusses and made out of powder coated steel at an angle to suit your house roof.  On a typical install, your patio/carport roof will finish at the wall line of your house (circa 500 to 500mm over your roof) and the roof brackets will be installed just outside the brick-line of your house.