Protect your car, boat or caravan…

A common question we get asked is “we are looking at getting a carport and we want it to look good and blend in with our house, can you do that?”  Most certainly!!  Lets start with the boring bit……

Will council let me build one?

Different suburbs have different planning rules and regulations.  Our sales team have extensive knowledge of what you can or cannot do and if it falls outside of what you can do under council rules, we will discuss your needs with our certifier.  In some situations it may be possible to seek a planning relaxation.  We’ll advise you along the way and look after the red-tape and paperwork for you.  Now, lets get into the fun parts….

What design should I have?

Your design depends upon your need for the carport, the look you want and your budget.  Your two primary options are a gable carport or a skillion carport or a combination of both.  Gables are dearer as they use more materials and are more time consuming to build but they look great when they are matching existing gable elements on your house.  Skillion carports by far are the most popular and these can either be built off your house fascia or in a fly-over configuration.  Fly-over carports are becoming more and more popular as they can accommodate a high 4wd, big boat or a caravan with an air conditioner on top.  Height is a very important consideration for carports and you need to think of your needs now as well as your future re-sale.

What type of roof can I have?

Your two options for roofing materials is either insulated panel or a single skin roof.  Our single skin roof is the more economical and is coloured on both sides.  The popularity of insulated panel for carports is increasing because of the overall look, it’s cooling capacity and it can span further than single skin.  The top side of your roof sheets can either be in a trimdeck or corrugated profile and all of the Colorbond colours are available.  The underside is smooth and will closely match your house ceiling for it’s look.  LED downlights can also be installed into an insulated roof.

Parreara Carport

I don’t want any posts out front, how far can your carports span?

We have all options covered, from a single carport to a massive open carport.  Our biggest beam, the largest in the patio business, can span a whopping 8.4 metres!

What type of posts can I have?

The posts we typically use are either powder coated aluminium, powder coated steel or laminated timber.  On the Sunshine Coast, an aluminium post will stand the test of time in our salt air and are also the most economical.  Steel posts are the “big bertha” and are the strongest.  Laminated kwila posts provide a great look and you can’t beat the timeless elegance of timber.

For design ideas, click over to our photo gallery and have a look at our carports.